I just got back from Ethics and Professional Course. Ada hikmah sbenarnya kenapa tiga kali saya telah ter’miss’ course ni. I have never thought that this course would be able to make me think deeply about my career and to relate to emotional management that I am dealing with right now. We have 6 speakers altogether talking about 6 ethics rules that advocate and solicitor must observe. Aspiring.

One lawyer said, “When you are a lawyer, your duties come first and your special needs later”. I realized that there were couples of eyes fixed on me after the lawyer finished off his sentence. A friend of mine nudged my hand and said, “Dengar tu…”.

When talking about fiduary duties between lawyers and clients, another lawyer ended up saying, “You cannot be a good man, if you cheat at home. You cannot be a good husband if you cheat in office. A husband, who cheats his wife at home, will cheat in doing his work. This is a question of character”. How true eh?

I had a long discussion with a good friend of mine, Katrina, when I was in sorrow of what had happened. She said, “aku rasa kita ni walaupun Type A person, kalau dah perempuan tu, perempuan jugak. memang kalah jugak la dengan perasaan”. For the benefit of those who don’t know who is a Type A person, Wikipedia describes Type A person as ‘impatient, time-conscious, concerned about their status, highly competitive, ambitious, business-like, aggressive,and having difficulty relaxing. They are often high-achieving workaholics who multi-task, drive themselves with deadlines and are unhappy about delays’.

Certainly true. Notwithstanding how strong a woman claims to be, she is still a woman who will likely to act in the same way as any reasonable woman who takes the RapidKL buses and rides the KTM, Monorail and LRT trains, given the same situation. This also applies to those who claim to be feminists or gender-discrimination activists. After all, we are the creatures created by God to have a menstrual cycle every month and gifted with the ability to endure burdens and most importantly ability to give birth.

At this point of time, my priority is career. After my long call, I will be admitted to the bar, and I will no longer be that reasonable man on RapidKL bus, or KTM train. I have a role and responsibilities to the civil society.

I wonder why lawyers always have wise words to say.

P/S: I still have a problem looking at slitted eyes men.