Someone posted this on facebook. “Setakat Nak Tanya Pun Dah Marah~ Terima Kasih Je La~~ Lain Kali Gua Xkan Tanya Lu Koottt~~”

It was intended for me. Like seriously, aku rimas. Saya sudah lah baru heart broken. Pukul 10 nk sms, tak reply, sms lagi. Dengan facebook chat. Tanya stupid questions mcm dah mkn ke, sihat ke, dah balik kerja ke. I said im not going for X event and insisted me on going. Come out with things to gain my sympathy. In the namesake of goodness, stop treating me like your own girlfriend. Sebagai manusia biasa, saya RIMAS. Tambah2 bila seorang lelaki, baru je memecah belah kan hidup gue. What do you expect? I am all skeptical on men right now. I don’t need just another guy to care for me as I believe I can fend for myself. At least give me time.

I think I have made it clear yang saya tak berminat. How upfront lagi saya perlu berterus terang?

Don’t blame me for being protective of my own self when I was hurt so deep from a creature that belongs to the same species as yours. I know your intention is good but save me all the flirts. I can’t handle it.

If you are my friend, I hope u understand.

I wonder how many people lagi I have to hurt just because a man hurt me severely.

One man down, two more to go.

♥ me not!