Last Thursday, as I went down the escalator at the connecting bridge between Pavilion and KLCC, I heard soulful melodious sound of a harmonica being played by an old Chinese man who sat at the edge of the street. It was the same sound you will hear being played in the drama or movie when there is a sad moving scene. For the first time in my entire life, I felt as though I was acting in a drama of my own life.

The episode featured a man playing a harmonica as the music background. The actress is in the process of recovery from the lows and failures of first love. She is enjoying life to the fullest as of now and salsa is a part of it. It was a transition from a hopeless woman who was cheated by a man whom she thought, loved her unconditionally to a person who embraced all the problems and dealt with it. She moved on, though not in a fast pace.

At that point of time, I looked back as to what had happened, and learned every single mistake I have made in loving a worthless man.

The music of a harmonica is a form of therapy.