I was pretty much occupied with work today. But yeah, I am quite happy for I have work to do. Less time to facebook, less time to think of the unnecessary. Ibu faxed the summons letter and kept on texting me.

Out of the sudden, she asked me what is my IC no. I went on to reply the 12 magic numbers and ended the message with, “for what?” question.

Her answer is as simply as, ‘wasiat’.

My heart skipped two beats glaring at the screen of my phone. She has been thinking of the afterlife and what she wants to leave us with. OMG. I have all the reasons in the world to worry.

Ibu, if u are reading this, I love u unconditionally. I will spend more time with you. I might be coming back this weekend which will simply mean I am going to miss the cendol poetry event in SJCC.