Volleyball selection finished 30 minutes early for it was raining heavily. I drove home to my favourite eating place which is a stall by the street, near Esso Taman Shamelin. You can’t separate a book from me even when I’m eating. I spent 1 hour at the stall because I got carried away reading “ A Fraction of the Whole” by Steve Toltz while enjoying my Bihun Goreng Basah Daging (Fried Vermicelli with Meat) and a glass of Lime Juice.

Earlier on, there was a plan of steam burger hunt with Jaja and Bob to happen last night. Jaja had to bail out but Bob had his band mates to come along while Sareena tagged along. We got lost and finally we found the place. I believed it was in the neighbourhood where my friend, Atan lives. It’s in Kampung Medan.

Street burgers have become so much of a culture of being a Malaysian. Despite of having big chains like McDonalds, Burger King and the like, nothing can beat the tastiness of the burger patty grilled in margarine, slathered with sauces of choice, mayonnaise and cheese and stuffed in butter spread bun. Interestingly, street burgers serve as my midnight cravings. Back home, regardless of how full we (the siblings) are, we will always have someone to go to the town and buy the burgers, just to satisfy our cravings.

I have heard a lot about this one stall in Kampung Medan. The stall is popularly known by the locals as O’Nine Steam Burger. What differentiates this burger stall with any other in town is that in stead of cooking the burgers with margarine in a square hot pan, they steam the burgers. And yes, they sell prosperity burgers as well.

Dating back to 2005 when McDonalds first introduced their prosperity burgers in the Malaysia, I was head over hell over the oblong chicken patty with black pepper sauce. I remembered that I had to take the bus from the main campus to McDonald Section2, Shah Alam. I also remembered that I did that as many times as possible given the sound financial. For this coming Chinese New Year (CNY), I only had one prosperity burger. I have to say that I am quite disappointed of the reduction in quality of my once loved McDonalds’s Prosperity Burger. The burger patty is now smaller in size for the price of RM14.00plus if I’m not mistaken. Of course, that comes together with fries and drinks. It’s losing its kicks too.

So I was quite excited about O’nine Steam Burger. I missed the street burgers hunt with my friends some time last year because I got stuck in the traffic for intolerable hours. So last night was the night. And say Yummy!

Even though my tummy was obviously sticking out when I donned my newly bought dress on Thursday, I blindly ordered O’Nine Prosperity Burger with Black Pepper Sauce, double and with cheese. I still think I have no issue with weights.

We went to the nearest stall and ordered drinks. It was time to savour our prosperity burgers. The size of the burgers was to big for my not too big mouth. As a solution, I ate the burgers layer by layer. So delicious! So Sedap! It tilted the kenikmatan (satisfaction) sense in me. The self made burger patties. The home made black pepper sauces. The juicy of the burgers. How else should I describe the tastiness of the steamed burger.

Go and give it a try. So you’ll get what I mean.