These few days, I am drawn to do weird things for example the urge of flying kite. The brainchild was mine. Bob said he knew a place where people always fly kites. That was the first time I have heard of Taman Layang-Layang Kepong. Jaja had to bail out and the rest had their prior arrangement. It was fun though with Bob, Nain, Mawar, Sarjan, Hani, Azri, Jo and Nana around.

I was the first to arrive; no doubt I was the most excited one. It was drizzling at first, so I had to wait inside the car for half an hour. Later on, I bought a kite from one apek. The kite costs me RM10. While waiting for the others to arrive, I curiously asked a man if he was selling his big ‘wau bulan’ (a kite in the shape of the moon). He smiled and said, they were flying their kites before it rained. So they were in the middle of drying up the kites before heading home.

The kite was so big and I was amazed at the art portrayed in it. He gave me a crash course on kite flying activity. I now know that a kite flying competition is not just about knowing how to fly your kite. In a kite flying competition, you are given, few days to come out with a kite according to the given theme. On the day itself, the kites will be judged into 2 categories. If it belongs to ‘cantik di darat’, remain on the earth it is. The kite can only fly if it is ‘cantik di darat dan naik’, up to the skies it goes,

The brother to whom I spoke to, further explained, “Saya minat. Lagipun, kalau saya tak belajar macam mana nak buat wau ni, apa nak jadi dengan warisan kita”. I see his point. If no one is to inherit the art of making the moon kite for example, the culture will die out. Generations after us will forever stick to their playstations and cool gadgets without knowing the true blue of their culture and traditions.

I didn’t remember if I had ever flown a kite when I was a kid. This is how we played yesterday; our kite flying games require 2 person at a time. One will fly the kite and the other will launch it. The one flying the kite needs to run. I mean really run. The field was packed with people. It was hard to even run without bumping into another human beings. With limited space and limited wind, I wish we were by the sea side. When I looked at the pictures, I looked like a cartoon from Nickelodeon. Oh, my camera was passed around like a baton. I only had few pictures taken, the rest were pictures of the newly found acquaintances.
The thing is we laughed more than we flew the kites. Laughing exhausted us more than running around. A

We left the field at 7.30p.m. because my friend, Sol, was celebrating his birthday in Shah Alam.

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