Reading the newspapers these few weeks simply means absorbing the detailed information on bizarre sexual behaviour. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s The Great Sodomy Case version 2.0. The proceeding began with testimony from Saiful Bukhari being the sole witness in the case. His testimony of course rocked the entire nation when he said, the accused asked him rather politely in a question of, can i fuck you. I envy few friends who are involved directly with the most awaited case of the year.

To spice things up, I have been reading about the No Panties Promotion in lieu of Valentine Days. On Jan 29, The Star reported that female students in higher learning institutes in Shah Alam were being persuaded not to wear panties on Valentine’s Day as an expression of true love for their boyfriends. What cause does it bring, I cannot fathom. It is more of a message to the boyfriends, which reads this: Hey boyfriends. I don’t wear my panties. Come fuck me. There are many ways to express your true love and affection but why would you want to express it by taking off your panties. Whoever that came out with this idea is plain stupid.

At the same time, a businessman is accused of living the life of Tiger Woods, having slept with more than 10 women during his 3 years marriage to the former wife.

Let us not talk about immorality but the need of proper sex education in schools and higher learning institutions. Stop living in disguise and pretend sex does not affect our lives at all when again and again, sexual related cases are featured on the headlines of local newspapers often enough to raise our attention on this issue. We are taken in awe when the news has it that a group of youngsters are having sexual party in a private domain. We are angry when babies are found near the drains or the toilets. A minister was pressured to vacant his seat because of his immoral behaviour.

But seriously, what have we been teaching our kids? A girl has her flower. But do you tell her to not simply give her flower to anyone? And boy, he has a bird. But do you remind him not to place the beak of his bird in the flower at his whims and fancies just to nip the sweetness and discard it when he’s done?

We have been living in disguise. We forget curiosity kills the cat. Now just imagine what curiosity teamed up with lustre can do to a cat.

Proper sex education is the way to go. Nip the problems from its buds.