Good Morning,

Out of a sudden, I am suffering a chest pain; the kind of pain you suffer when your anger is striked. It was nothing but the surprise that jolted my semi-conscious state of mind. I received an email. Yes, if you have been following me through this journey of life, you know whose email I am talking about here.

An email that took her nearly a month to reply. The third person who successfully sank my love relationship to the bottom of the ground. The third person who ruined what I deemed as my future life prospect.

I don’t know if I would want to reply the message. Let just refer to the 3rd party with her initial of ‘LJ’. In her message, she was talking about empathy, which I believe she has no idea as to the meaning that the word conveys. She will never have the capability of sharing how I feel until and unless the same exact situation hit her life the same way it did to me.

She said, “I take things seriously with suffian and as a woman, I do not wish the same thing would happen to me either.” What a wish, I thought. It is as though, you conspire to killing a person and yet you wish no one will one day come and kill you. I hope she knows what she is saying and reads between the lines of her own words.

What she did given her full consciousness stripped off her pride and dignity. I don’t intend to play finger pointing game. She is not the sole culprit aite? It takes two person to salsa, or bachata (the sensual & sexual dance). I am giving you the privilege to peek into my facebook inbox and have a look of what she had to say to me.

(To enlarge is just a double click away.)

I hope you girls, out there, learn from my stories.