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Yesterday one of my front tyres was punctured and I had to get someone to replace it with the spare one. A Chinese guy on his way to Lou Sang Dinner in Wisma Cosway dropped by and helped me out with the task. I say, Gazillion appreciation to him. Other wise, I will be stranded in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.

I turned up late for my salsa class. But,, I was applauded by the instructors for having almost perfect double spins. Heeee…… But my pivot turn is horrible. Salsa is getting easier as I progress. Credits to many nights of salsa outings.

That was yesterday’s stories apart from the time-bombing facebook message that nearly triggered another world war.

I woke up this morning reading a comment left by one of my favourite bloggers of all time, Kak Enida. The advices are all sound and logic. I like the apple analogy the most. Cunning but true.

Just when I thought life has lost its appeal, surprisingly, life has taken another turn. Things have improved tremendously on my ends. I have good friends whom I can count on in times of need. I have family that cares. Petronas’s GM asked me some time last week, if I am interested to re-consider working with Petronas. Another senior lawyer at my work place proposed to retain me as a junior lawyer. And most importantly, I have passed my ethics exam. I thought I was doomed because I could not even focus during the last minutes studies. With that little success, my pupilage will not be extended. I am soon going to be an upcoming lawyer.

I can’t wait for the day to come after all the rough-and-tumble of personal life that I have to go through.

Work is hectic too. Work load is piling up as many files are handed down to me.

Stalker stat- I have a stalker. I think he is one of the refugees that I have been working with. I am curious as to how he obtained my phone number and repeatedly called me and asked me out for valentine’s date. Oh wait, maybe it’s the Chinese guy next block who hinted on me for already some times. Crazy, weird people.

I know how random this entry is. I have too many untold stories. And poor you, this is how they come out. I’m going back to Seremban tomorrow. We are having a family gathering. When my atok (grandfather) was hospitalized in Kuala Pilah, it dawned upon us all that we had been neglecting him, and left him to fend for himself. Satay gathering is Atok’s brainchild. We never know how much time we do have. We never know when is the expiry date. We never know when God will make His calling.

I am nervous too. I haven’t seen my parents since the break up. It was a big news to them as it was to me. Eventually, we(x + me) had a small discussion to meet each other’s parents so as to launch our first step in September 2009. I was excited thus I pre-warned my parents about it. Now that everything has gone down under, left and right, I am answerable to all the curious minds.

Valentine’s Day is zooming in. Romantic movies, love songs, roses and lovey dovey memorabilia are inevitable. I was dragged into Diamond Platinum, Sg. Wang Plaza, by a colleague, who wanted a second opinion on selecting an engagement ring. My quick response when I was in Diamond Platinum was what the heck! It is one of the many places on earth that I would want to avoid as of now. Little did she know, my heart was tickled by uneasiness. My mind juggled too many questions at one time. The what when who where and how questions. Being a heart broken, I must have shielded my heart with the strongest iron available from the intangible thing called love. I am all skeptical about love, relationship and marriage.

I’m off reading and sleeping.

I will only be back on Tuesday.

Hands off keyboard*