Fred: I am Fred (pronounced as Fled) Lee from People’s Republic of China.
(what an introduction! He sounded like one of the foreign envoys on a diplomatic mission.)

Trevor: I am Trevor, an English teacher from China, my home country is United States of America.

My simple introduction is “Farah, I am a local”.

Hung Yee: Hung Yee. I’m from KL.

Moi: Wait, what is your name again? (As always, I have difficulty in remembering Chinese name. I got her to spell her name for me.)

We had 30 minutes ice breaking session before we were really into the conversation, laughing like we had known each other since the previous lifetime. Fred was really a joker. He asked Trevor to write a letter to Mr. Obama; the contents of which more or less sounded like this – I love you so much, Mr. President. In the namesake of love, please strengthen the good ties with the government of China so that the people of China can have access to Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. (FYI, China is one of the countries where Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are a total ban by the government. To have access, you need proxies to bypass the system.)

Fred told Trevor off for sleeping with too many Chinese girls during his time in China. He got us all laughing for asking Trevor to take the next flight to New York instead of heading back to China via Hong Kong just because he wanted to “save” more Chinese girls. Not that Trevor confessed he had slept with many girls, it was just a bare allegation made by Fred.

When we were in the middle of having the bestest laughter of the night, Fred was amazed at how Malaysian girls laughed out loud without having to cover their mouths like the mainland Chinese girls would do.

Fred’s way of saying goodbye is this, “You are going back? Bye. Enjoy your sex tonight!” LOL.

The whole night was spiced up with more laughter when Trevor and Fred came out with sex jokes which shot me point blank. Not because of me being too innocent to understand, but my mind was too slow to process. The loudest laugh was for the last person who got the jokes.

Fred Lee. He is the funniest Chinese man of the century.