My life is going New York style, toward the next bad thing. I am still contemplating whether to accept the job offer as my pupilage is nearing the end. The high chance is that I will turn down the offer for the people a.k.a partners in the firm have formed bad impression of me. I can never stop people to not like me. I seriously think I am treated unfairly. If I were the only one having the problem, then it’s fine. But taking into account those before me, I am not alone.

Here am I, one month to go. Jobless and loveless.

I grumbled to Stefheni how life is never simple for me, how I was robbed of my happiness. She said I was talking to the wrong person; she had lost the love of her life. I told her that her situation was different. She knew until the very end that he loved her. I, on the other hand, was cheated for reasons only understood by him.

“People with Courage & Character always seem sinister to the rest”