I reckon my body is turning into a fine pear shape. If you have not already known me, I have small top and big bottom. Whenever I wear my slack pants, you could simply have an overview of the size of my ovary. I admit I am well fed these days, with 5 meals a day. I am not the kind of person who would weight myself up every week. What triggers my awareness is the full framed mirrors I have been looking at in my surroundings. With a 101% conviction, I have some weight added after the bang boom break up.

I accidentally met up with my seniors from Saina @ Midvalley this evening. They were trying some glasses when I patted their shoulders. They were seniors I was close with in school. We went out for drinks @ Zen and talked, talked and talked. They looked good together. Sweet, happy and loving. It has been 10 years since I last met Maisarah although I had on numerous occasions gone out with KA.

When I had my last bits of crème brulee, Zara texted me and invited me to go Pavilion to join my classmates for a makan-makan session. I haven’t met Zara for 9 months and Darren for months. I was unbelievably excited to meet them. Roza, Samir and Mat were there too. We ordered plentiful of food; I had 10 potato skins. After 30 minutes, all of us were full and lazy. The left over was in large quantity. Almost all of us didn’t finish our parts.

True enough, work loads make you spend less time with friends. I perceived for some people, work outweighs friendship. But hey, make some times for your friends. At least, that is what I am trying to do.

One thing I should have done today is to bring my camera along.