I have been working on a complicated case, I thought I could have done it for few days. A lot of effort and researches are needed to play around with the terms of contract by interpreting them intellectually. Flipping through documents, reading correspondences after correspondences and putting your level-headed opinion into writing are all but a daunting task.

An interesting message from a non-legal friend stole my focus from work. Someone whom I have met few times alleges that a man made her pregnant and extorts him few thousands ringgit in the pretext of aborting the innocent creature and in case where he refuses, to marry her in any circumstances because the religion of Islam says so. As you would expect, allegation is made without any proof of pregnancy and paternity test.

Being acquaintance to many foreigners passing by Malaysia, I realize that there is an uprising trend of local girls’ hunger for white men. In other words, white men predators/ hunters. What troubles me the most is that they trick the foreigners into the love game for something that may benefit them in futuro. In a bigger perspective, it may be sex, money and social stigma that white is better than coloured. The modus operandi is to have sex (usually unprotected ones), and then extort the “love affairs gone wrong victim” for certain amount of money or force him to marry her.

I have received references from traveler friends who have came across this weird encounter.

Since it took place on the basis of mutuality at the first instance, there is no possible way that the girl may cry rape. Unless she may prove that she was put in fear and the penetration was forceable onto her. No one knows the real story for it has been relayed by secondary sources. It might have been tampered here and there. For hours of discussion spent just now, I can only conclude that whatever it is, make a police report. And make the paternity test. For all we know, the baby might belong to someone else. Infidelity is not a brand new phenomena. And casual sex is the ‘in’ thing for some.

I am so against this white men hunters syndicate. Inter-racial marriages or the urge of having beautiful handsome Caucasion kids (Jawa +Chinese + German + Dutch = Gen C [confused]) are okay. But laying a trap for these foreigners to fall in is wrong. If you want to have it white, then have it in the name sake of love.