Stefheni, Min and I planned to watch “My Name is Khan” yesterday but for inevitable reason the plan was postponed to today. We had the newly-engaged Nadiah to join us for a movie @ TGV Capsquare Mall. Apparently only 2 cinemas in Malaysia are showing the controversial movie whose star actors are Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. They are TGV Capsquare and TGV Sunway Pyramid.

While waiting for the movie to commence, Stefheni and I went to eat at Oliver, Capsquare while Min and Nadia were juggling to find their ways to Capsquare. They head-tailed me and lost me. I vouched Asam Laksa with Petis at Oliver, Capsquare to be the best Asam Laksa in town.

Shah Rukh Khan has always been my Hindustan sweetheart. I was only 11 years of age when I was head over heels in love with Yes Boss, a movie starred by Shah Rukh Khan and beautiful Juhi Chawla. From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Chak de India, I love them all.

When I got to know about the movie “My Name is Khan”, I was excited. I didn’t read the detailed storyline of the movie. But I know some protests have been staged because of the issues raised in the movie. With scarce knowledge about the movie, off we marched to the cinema full with Indians countrymen.

What can I say about the movie? Unique. Sui Generis. It stands out from all other movies. The cinematography is superb. A bollywood movie with Hollywood touch. It grasps all aspects of life into 150 minutes movie.

The story is a narrative of a Khan, autism Muslim who is living in Banville, USA. It starts off with his childhood story, rivalry between siblings, the need of inculcating good values to children at a young age, and the importance of education. From India to USA, Khan embraces life as it comes. He falls in love with a single mother, Mandira whom he meets in San Francisco. Along come Sameer, who is a pivotal role that gives a dramatic impact to the movie.

It is a fascinating love story. Some of the scenes are worth mentioning here. For example, Khan put in a lot of efforts to bring Mandira to a place she has never been in San Francisco in order to marry her. It is an act of love that brings Khan to travel all over USA to follow the President to meet him in person and say what he wants to say.

Friendship is another aspect that is envisaged through out the movie. Acceptance of the Americans towards Indians in the society as well as how emotion can cut off friendship. It is best portrayed in the friendship of Sam and Reese.

On his journey to meet Mr. President, he inspires others by his love, sincerity and humanity. Regardless of races, religions and colors, he offers assistance in any way possible. The family in Wilhelmina, Georgia is treated as a family. His gumption is later identified by interested journalists. Not to forgot, he has been mistaken as a terrorist.

We were put in awe when Sam was severely beaten by a group of American origin students. It could just be your son, grandson, nephew and cousin. It could happen in the public field in the community you live in.

A great movie, in deed!

I would end this entry with, “My name is Farah and I am not a terrorist”.