Hidup dalam keterangan yang membutakan dan kegelapan yang hitam pekat, tanpa ada apa-apa di antaranya.

A life in blinding light and crippling black with nothing in between through which you are violently dragged back and forth through hills and valleys with no end.

That is a life of bipolar disorder patient.

Taken from the movie, “At the Very Bottom of Everything” by Paul Agusta.

The highly experimental film, which combines live action and stop motion animation, tells the story of a young woman’s struggle with bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression. The film’s narration is split into 10 chapters, each one describing the illness verbally, visually, musically and cinematically.

Annexe Central Market is going to screen this movie for the first time in Malaysia on 06/03/10. I am not listed for 06/03/10 Raptor Watch Volunteer, therefore I might be free to watch this interesting movie.