I was already at home at 5.30p.m. yesterday. For the past few days, I either left office early and joined a makan session until late night or stayed at home reading plentiful of documents. In any case, my sleeping pleasure has been reduced into a mere 4 hours sleeping pattern. As my mind and body chanted ‘leisure’, I stayed home doing nothing but watched tv series and read blogs.

I stumbled upon a forum that dictated the stories about Mona Fendi. Little did I know she was an artist in the late 80’s. Though I remembered being eager to follow the news, I barely understood what was happening. How could I? I was only 8 years of age. If I were a law graduate by then, I would have been able to relate well.

Mona Fendi’s mystery was buried with her body. Was she a doctor witch? Did she cast a spell on people whom she hated? What did she do to have a glowing face when she was imprisoned in Penjara Wanita Kajang? What happen to the missing penis, I wonder?

The author, who was covering the trial, successfully wrote a detailed chronology of what happened in the courtroom during the trial. He even uploaded some pictures of Mona Fendi in the thread. She was well-dressed in the courtroom. She wore colorful blouses to court with accessories attached. Apparently the judge didn’t object to her decorum.

Mona Fendi was truly an urban legend. Agak seram2 ye baca cerita ni yang panjang lebar. Terperinci pulak tu. The last case in Malaysia yang guna jury system.

Tambah seram bila bukak youtube lagu dia nyanyi Ratapan Anak. Terus terwonder what happen to her children.


DUKUN the movie is based on Mona Fendy’s story but it is banned in Malaysia. Mana gw nk cr cerita ni..