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This entry is a travelogue of my Kuantan trip.

Day 1 – 26/02/10

After keeping tabs with one another via email, R, S, T and me were supposed to meet at R’s house in Bangsar. I was the first one to arrive. R was my senior in law school while T was my super senior. R, S and moi met T at Delicious, Bangsar where we had our breakfast. I ordered Toast Chocolate and Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie. R proudly announced that a friend of his would love to take us out for dinner and clubbing at night. R and T were excited and decided to shop for dresses. After few minutes, they came out of BSC empty handed.

At 12p.m. we headed off to Kuantan. S were a maniac driver as she drove 160km/h. We reached Kuantan in two hours. S and I went to check in at Duta Village to find we were the only ones who would be staying at Duta Village while the others were scattered in other lavish hotels around. Looking at the not so welcoming condition, we scouted to Swiss Garden Hotel. A room was charged for RM414 a night. An absolute no-no. We had no choice but to go back to Duta Village.

We chilexed for an hour before sending T to her netball training. On our way to Duta Sands where T would be staying, we stopped at a stall which sold keropok lekor rebus. Yummilicous. Tak kedekut ikan macam keropok lekor KL.

We hang out by the beach while waiting for N, the doctor (R’s friend). Once he arrived, I suggested that we tried the best satay in Kuantan, satay Zul. (When it comes to food, at all time my research is almost perfect.)The beef satay was awesome.

N sent S and me at Duta Sands where we lepak at the netball girls’ room. At 9p.m., we left for the one of the best Ikan Bakar restaurant in Kuantan. We were brought to Ana Ikan Bakar Petai. Peculiar! Grilled fish with Stinky Beans! I am not taught to eat Petai at home and I can’t stand the stinkiness. All in all, the food is okay.

Day 2 – 27/02/10

S and I woke up late and we were invited by the more senior lawyers to have breakfast at Swiss Garden. One of them bought us breakfast. Makan lagi! I ate every chunk of food served, I didn’t spare even one.

We went to the game venue to support the football team, netball team and badminton team. Our game was due at 12.30p.m. We had plenty time to wander around before our game began. Our netball team won the first place.

As to our game, it was the most controversial game. Two best teams were supposed to play final. But the other team declared themselves a winner by points, which was unfair. As the youngest member of all, I kept silent. All I could hear was fucker, fucker and fucker. It was quite a scene lah. I rarely get the chance to see lawyers throwing bad words to one another. For your info, when in the field, they are no longer learned friends but foes. (Lawyers call their adversaries as “my learned friends”). Playing sports for the past 13 years, I had not seen tossing of a bottle of whiskey as symbol of glory and success. I saw just that in Kuantan.

As I was entirely disturbed the whole day, I spent the evening by the beach, thinking of nothing but the future. I went up to my room and get dressed for the dinner. After the makan-makan and umpat-umpat, a handful of the athletes wanted to party at Chukka Fun Club at Hyatt Kuantan. I dreaded to go for I was sad for no reason. But A, a senior lawyer insisted I came along with them.

I shall save what happened at Hyatt Kuantan that very night. Enough if I say, I came out clean from the club and I was the first to go back with pakcik-pakcik lawyers who could not stand loud music and suffer from whobbly knees.

Day 3 – 28/02/10


Left for KL at 3.30p.m.