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I don’t know if I wanna leave the firm. To be honest, I am quite complacent with Bukit Bintang area. Pavilion is just a glance away, Salsa class is within walking distance, Changkat Bukit Bintang is just 2km away. It’s only 15-20minutes drive away from home. How else would I want to live a metropolitan lifestyle? But the thing is money is not good with this firm. I can work on the claims, being a litigator who often goes out to courts though.

I have informal offers from senior lawyers friends. It’s a good start to know some of the big names in this field by doing ‘extra curricular’ activities. I was actually encouraged to apply for one law firm which turns out to be owned by a vocal politician lawyer. From my point of view, his approach to politics is very radical. Even though I was once inspired to be a politician, the thoughts of being very much involved with dirty politics scare me to death. I believe this is where life principles intersect with my desire to succeed.

I am 15 days away from the last day. Files are not in proper order as just yet. I might have to change my referee, for my referee, Dila is in Sabah. No way I am going to fly in just to get my Borang 7 signed. Sapa tak excited towards long call day. It’s the day when I can say all the hardship I have suffered in law school is worth it. It’s the day when I am going to be robed as a qualified lawyer. It means more than university graduation.

Together with it, comes a burden that I have to shoulder on. I am holding myself accountable for people’s problems. This is where my job requires me to put my problems second on the list after the clients’ problems. To be a lawyer instead of a doctor is what I chose to be years ago. It’s now time to give back to the society.

I hope powers and ranks do not corrupt yours truly. If you are a true friend of mine, I give you liberty to put me to task if I become a demoralized person as I sail through this journey of life.

Love you, people who love me.

Good night.