My weekend is by far full of activities. Finally, I got to meet my close friends during LLB. Jia & Saree. Nah, it is so hard to arrange for a gathering for our jobs sometimes require us to work extra hours. Glad to know that the three of us choose to be in practice.

Gamaknye laptop ni dah nazak. Pagi-pagi lagi dah hantar kat Low Yat Plaza to get it fixed. Nampaknya dah takde penawar lain selain beli yang baru. Graphic card yang asal nye hijau tu dah pun bertukar warna jadi kuning. Patut le kejap-kejap padam. My biggest worry is my hundreds of photo albums. I hope my laptop doesn’t have a sudden end to its life.

I attended volleyball training at UM which I played very badly. I am losing the skills after leaving sports for so many years. Though you might think that I have been losing weight, I am no longer super active on the court. I was caught waiting for the ball without any effort to go and get the ball. I would stretch my hands the farthest possible and tonggek my bontot to get the ball. Trust me, it was such an unpleasant scene to watch.

I broke my glasses too.

It’s time for Salsa. Later.