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I had been traveling a lot these few days. I spent a night in Ipoh perusing documents in preparation of a hearing fixed on the next day. I texted some friends who live in Ipoh for dinner and only one friend responded. Anyhow, he made me starved to death when he accidentally fell asleep that night. Luckily I had the company of my colleague, Stefheni. We decided to find the nearest street food available from our hotel. As Ipoh is dimly-lighted, we felt insecured, the kind of feeling you would have when you are in a new place.

I pointed out at a Pakistani restaurant just few doors from Hotel Excelsior. Looking at a restaurant with only two tables occupied, I thought the food was bad. Thinking of the piles of documents I need to study, I knew we had no choice but to eat there. I ordered Garlic Naan and a Tandoori chicken while Stefheni ordered a Pakistani bread and Fish Kashmiri. To my surprise, the food was delicious. We then ordered a Kashmiri Naan, naan with fruits stuffed inside. A rare menu in KL, in deed. Kashmiri Naan tops my list of favourite bread-based food. Kesedapan nye sangat maksima, especially jikalau dimasak dengan garing sekali.

On our second day in Ipoh, after we wrapped up our day in court, we waited for Caid for lunch. He promised to bring me to Vanggey, claimed to be the Best Nasi Kandar in Ipoh. Nasi Kandar is awesome, especially the marinated chicken cooked in Vanggey style.

It seemed like Ipoh short trip has become an Indian food affair to me.

Just across the road from Vanggey, were rows of shophouses which houses fashion boutiques. If I am not mistaken, it is Greentown area. We accidentally went on a shopping spree. We were late by 2 hours from our initial plan. I bought a yellow dress, a hobo brown shirt and a pair of shoes.

I wish I have more time to spend in Ipoh. Will definitely come again, not for work purpose but for street shooting and shopping.

Come up next: Salsa shoes Shopping.