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My laptop is now laid to rest. It broke down beyond repair. Gone were my many good old days pictures from hundreds of photo albums.

Tomorrow is my last day of pupilage. Hell, I am excited. Nine months of torture will finally come to an end. I was tortured by the behavior of weird people I brush my shoulders with at the office, not so much of the workload. Believe me, weird creatures are never in extinction. I am truly happy with myself to reach to this point. I have not attained much at the age of 24, but it makes me feel good of myself.

Min, Stef and I will head off to Cherating, Pahang for a final escapade to celebrate our day end of this month.

That aside, I am going all-out to plan my travel itinerary to the ‘Kingdom of Wisdom’, Siem Reap for a week. I might spend 3 days in Angkor Wat, 2 days in Phonm Penh and if time permits, Silhanouke.
Now, you may guess how will I spend my first month salary…

Next destination is Moluccas Island, also known as Spices Island. End of this year. It is situated at the Far East of Indonesia, the off beaten track travel. My budget calculation through half way done researches reveals that it costs approximately the same as going to Australia or Europe. I correspond with a girl based in Maluku capital city, Ambon few days ago. And she knows of a girl whose grandfather used to be a spice trader in early 1900s. Tersangat la awesome. Going to a place mentioned in a history book.

Instead of going through the touristy trails, why not unravel the unexplored parts of the world?

Who’s up to the challenge? Moluccas Island, Dec 3 to Dec 8, tentatively.