I spent most of my waking hours at Putrajaya yesterday. The hot air balloon fiesta is in town. It restores some of my childhood memories where my parents used to bring me together with my siblings to the hot air balloon festival in penang when I was 11 years of age.

My plan was to shoot as many shots as possible. I read at the website they would allow photographers, i.e. those who own DSLR camera to capture pictures on the main field. I texted few friends and arranged with Danial and Elena to leave KL for Putrajaya at 6a.m. We reached Precint 2 at 6.30a.m. ,only to find there were already at least 50 people queuing before us. We shot the wawasan bridge in dawn..

The queue trailed down to 2km from Wawasan Bridge by 7.30a.m. I was informed that they would be giving 300 tickets for the tethered ride. I was also told the photographers need to walk to main field. And the passes are limited.

Danial and I got the passes easily by flashing our DSLR camera to the guide but Elena was denied access as she had only a compact camera. The guide allowed plastic camera in but not compact camera. We planned out a strategy where Elena went to the other side of the entrance where I could pass her my camera, so that she could gain entry. The strategy worked for us.

The pictures:

We left the field at 10.00a.m. and went to our respective home. I took a nap. Woke up. Sent my car to the workshop. Volleyball training.

Went to Putrajaya again to meet Katrina, Amir & Yana. Traffic was bad via Wawasan Bridge. I brought along my gears; camera, lenses & tripod. The photographers were all at the field at that time. I hopped on the waist-high gate with the permission of the guard. I am not an expert with low light shooting & night shooting. But I did try my best to capture the best moment of hot air balloon in the glow show.


😀 lotsa pics to share.