Blame it to the unavailability of time and computer for the slow progress of the blog.

As promised, I am going to write about the filing of the papers for long call.

It requires tedious preparation but it is not that hard provided you get a good guidance and you get a whole set of precedent intact.

Before pupillage ends, make sure the followings have been completed:
1- obtain Certificate of Completion for participating the Legal Aid Programme.
2- get Certificate of Posting 10 days before your last day. You need to fill in the Certificate yourself. give it back to RPPK counter and extract the duly signed Certificate of Posting after 2 working days.
3- call Bar Council and ask whether your Confidential Report has been processed.
4- Pay discipline fund of RM200.00.
5- Pay instrument of Admission fee of RM30.00.
6- Fill in Borang 6,7 and 8.

A day after pupillage ends.

Bring borang 6,7 & 8. Your borang 6,7 & 8, 2 copies of Notis Perbicaraan and 2 copies of Pengesahan Dokumen-Dokumen. Your Borang 6,7 & 8 would be of the following order:

Borang 6
Perakuan Mengenalpasti Ekshibit A
Salinan Birth Cert
Perakuan Mengenalpasti Ekshibit B
Salinan IC
Perakuan Mengenalpasti Ekshibit C
Salinan LLB Degree/CLP Cert
Perakuan Mengenalpasti Ekshibit D
Borang 7 (First Referee)
Perakuan Mengenalpasti Ekshibit
Borang 7 (Second Referee)
Perakuan Mengenalpasti Ekshibit F
Borang 8
Salinan Certificate of Due Diligence and Completion of the Bar Council’s Ethics Course Programme
Perakuan Mengenalpasti Ekshibit G
Salinan BM Exemption
Perakuan Mengenalpasti Ekshibit H
Sijil Penampalan.

First thing you need to do is to go and see Mr. Murali and show him your papers. He will then approve and ask you go to the first floor to get your Borang 6,7 & 8 affirmed by Commissioner of Oath. You will need to pay RM20.00 and make sure all of your papers are affirmed accordingly.

Go to see Mr. Murali again. He will ask you to photostat your documents (Borang 6,7 & 8) for few copies. Be prepared to pay RM7.20 for that.

Make filing fee payment with the total of RM38.00 for your Notis Perbicaraan and Borang 6,7 and 8.

Mr. Murali again. Notis Perbicaraan, Notis Pengesahan Dokumen-dokumen, a copy of Discipline Fund receipt and Instrument of Admission Fee receipt together with all original documents of which are annexed as exhibits must be tendered to RPPK counter.

You will get your long call date there and then.

Don’t panic if your original documents are not returned back to you. Come back 2 days later to extract your Notis Perbicaraan and the original documents.

If you need the precedent, just give me a call or drop me an email.