Oh Cherating, the town of hot surfers. My road trip to Cherating was a blast. Despite of the almost dramatic misunderstandings, we ploughed our way to Cherating in style. Just as much as I used to think that I would marry someone from Pahang, I was all excited to explore Pahang bit after bit. First, it was Kuantan. Then I headed up north to Cherating. This time the laughter was shared equally and collectively by my dearest sister; Baby & Adila and best colleagues of my life; Stefheni, Azmin, Nadiah.

When we left Kuala Lumpur for Cherating at 6a.m. after a thorough car maintenance check , little did I know it is a small surfers town. To my surprise, surfing is one of the water sports in Malaysia. Equipped with GPS Rakyat (as opposed to GPS Gadget), we reached Cherating at 9a.m. The roads to Kuantan are poorly lighted but the sunrise we saw that day along the highway was one of the most vivid sunrise being stored in my memory.. .We lepak at the Beach near Suria Cherating Hotel before checking in and later hunted for food like hungry ghosts. We found a restaurant, a good one, by the shore of Cherating. My friends went on search for beach pareos while I accompanied my sister and her friend looked for surfing school. And we found Satusuku. I was attracted like a magnet to a hot local surfer manning the shop. What would you expect from a single woman. Lol. My sister agreed on taking the beginner surfing class with her BFF, Adila. I am more than convinced, she inherits the Just Do It spirit from yours truly.

We had coconut drinks by the street and went back to the hotel for my sister and Adila needed to prepare themselves for surfing. I was by the beach snapping pictures and enjoying the view of hot surfers and beach bummers until 4p.m. I didn’t swim because I was having my heavy duty period. But under parents’ strict instruction, I was made to understand that my sister was under my supervision, no matter what come may. I had to leave for Kuantan at 4.30p.m. to send Stefheni to a church in Kuantan as it was an obligation day. Since my sister would only finish surfing at 6p.m., I asked min’s favour to watch for my sister’s safety.

We ate dinner at Pakmail Ikan Bakar, at Tanjung Lumpur. Seafood for 6 cost only RM103.00.

Since I held the payment for the surfing class and the hottie whom I dealt with agreed that I could pay later at night, I had to make some arrangement for the payment to be made. I was persuaded by the instructor and the hottie that there would be a cultural Balinese show in Little Bali, near Cherating beach. Little Bali is a lively bar in Cherating beach. It seems to me like a private area, though. Cover charge is RM15 each. We reached there at 1a.m. Considering that we would not stay long, I negotiated our way through the entrance door free of charge. I would not comment on the show so as to show some respect for the community there. Enough to say that there was a raid that night. It was in deed the first time in my life the bar or club that I went to was raided. We didn’t drink and we didn’t take drugs. But it was a close escape. We went back to the hotel safe.

One thing worth mentioning here is Pahang drivers suck. Driving through Kuantan-Kemaman roads means putting your own life at stake.

Cherating, although a dead town, is a place to visit and I definitely will come back for surfing.