It is good to have a laptop again. Thanks ayah for being generous.

I attended a spontaneous gathering by my schoolmates this evening. They rang me up when I just arrived home for laptop shopping. Friday traffic is super bad. Grrr…. Kiweng, Aqs, AJ, Jack, Mat Udin and I were the culprits of the night. We spilled each other with highschool gossips and laughed at our premature stupid acts in high school.

We were entertained by Aqs’ bahasa Melaya tinggi such as how to spell postman in malay and the saying of “keladi bunting”. We had an oblong table discussion on love as well. Love and the one million ways of interpreting it.

I am impressed at AJ and Aqs’s phone interface which is so cute. Should I get myself one? Not at the moment, of course.