These days my time is largely devoted to my friends from all episods of life; primary school, high school, university, social network, salsa etc.

Some made remarks about my life that left me pausing and thinking.

One gave me a blunt yet honest advice, as in, “You know you have been all nice and pleasant for guys. That is why they are treating you like a shit. You shall learn how to be a bitch”.

He continued, “You shall now consider dating a non-Malay man.”

Speechless and clueless I was. I let the topic pass by with no further discussion.

Another friend said to yours truly over a pan of pizza, “Have anyone ever told you that at times you look gorgeous but there are times you look as ‘selekeh’ as a person can be?”


Thanks for your kindness, peeps. At least you give me pointers on how shall I improve myself in the namesake of future undertakings.