I have a mixed feeling about tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day on which my salsarinas and salseros (we are the babies of salsa in RL) will have our debut performance. RL is celebrating its 10 years anniversary tomorrow. At first, I was in doubt whether we could perform well as my dear partner; Mr. Kungfu Panda has a short term memory. He could not even remember the steps well.

In salsa, if the leader sucks big time, the follower will definitely look bad. I lost temper on the first day I started practising with him. But we made efforts to practise after work. Everything has improved tremendously. We are in fact asking for a faster music.

Whatever happens tomorrow during the performance, be it either I fall upside down in my 4 inch heels or we are laughed at because of our “baby steps”, the most important thing is that we have an unlimited fun dancing salsa. It took a lot to give commitment to salsa. I gave it a pass to A&A team bonding training in Bukit Tinggi as well as my aunt’s kenduri. I missed Bagan Lalang food outing too.

All the best to hubbies and wifeys. (In our dance class, a couple mischievously call each other husband and wife. Once we are done with set of choreographed practice, we need to change the so called husband and wife.)