Ui, what’s up with the free loaders? I find it very irritating to know that if A borrows B’s money and intentionally forgets about the repayment of the money later on. Have you not a brain or at least a guilt tickling you whenever you see the person on a daily basis? Like seriously, if you really want to be a part of a trip and don’t want to spend a penny, you might as well sit at home and tune into the travel channel.

Why la act like that? Yeah right, I am a forgetful person but when you owe money to another friend of mine who complained of the same to me, that complaint alone serves as a refresher to my mind.

I don’t know about you but I always have the issue of asking the money back from a friend. I should invent my very own money back guarantee scheme so as to ensure whatever I have advanced to a “friend in need” will be paid later. Please, please be considerate. You pinjam you pandai-pandai bayar. Orang buat diam, doesn’t mean orang lupa. Cuma dia segan dan malu bertanyakan khabar duit pinjaman tu.

Ish, macam mana la aku nak minta duit dari kau? As usual, I don’t mince my words and I am afraid that she might be offended and put an end to the friendship. I need to rephrase the sentence and come out with a good one. Hutang duit orang ingat sampai mati tau.

Ah, pedulik. Esok aku nak mengganas minta hutang mcm ahlong. Lol.