I am recuperating well from an emotional breakdown due to inconsiderate and appreciation-disabled guy whom I had once loved. Come to think of it, what a waste. To have loved someone who never loved me in the first place. He said he wanted to become a better boyfriend than my previous one and he proved himself to be an even worse boyfriend. Well, some things are not meant to work out. His character has long gone in my life episodes. Archives are in the process of being neatly deleted and formatted.

Months passed by, I was worried that I would never move on with my life. Worried that I was unable to love a man again. Worried this, worried that. But I stop worrying and I let myself grow and expand. I learn to appreciate myself and the people near me once again.
If you are my close friends or within my social network, you might wonder why I went missing, why your text messages were not replied immediately, if not ignored. So this entry will answer your query. I needed some time to chilex and reflect. Unknown to you, the past kept on haunting me. After sometimes, I mute-tuned my melo-drama for I know it was boring to listen to it.I needed to gain my self-control and managed my heart. For the past few months, I kept myself busy with work, salsa and sports.

I went to a BBQ party last weekend and hugs and reminders of ‘never go MIA again’ were given to me. It was a heartfelt moment. Thank you and love you. Saree, stop making me guilty for ignoring you. Bukan sebab ada kawan-kawan baru, I have inner issues to settle.

Then came the first time I really liked a guy after one and a half years, not for dating purpose lah. I just felt complacent and comfortable to be with him. And hey, it was a good sign of moving on. I heaved a huge relief that it is possible to get to know another person and so on and so forth. Tell you what, I am not dating that surfer boy. I am quite impressed of his choice of life. He speaks good English too. I am always impressed at people who opts unconventional means of a living. A privilege that does not exist in my life. I don’t have the guts to do just that. I do have social responsibility that takes away that privilege.

Nah, it’s time to go to Envie 1st anniversary.

C’est assez pour aujourd’hui.

Au revoir.

Votre ami, grand amoureux de la vie,