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Jaja’s 28th birthday was an ecstatic celebration. I went out from my hide-out to be with some members of the community I am proud to be in. Jaja is one lady I have the privilege to know personally. A well-traveled one. Special to many hearts. A birthday party was planned for her. The master mind was Fuz. Messages were spread around within one day and as a result of which, 15 people turned up for the party. Everyone wore either black, white and red. Coincidentally!

We all sang the birthday song for her as though we were attending our first birthday bash. The cake read, “Jaja rocks!” .That very word best described her. The late comers sang the birthday song in their own native languages. We had Japanese birthday song, chinese birthday song & Spanish birthday song. After wishing her prayers, she blew the candles and cut the cake into pieces which she later hand-fed us (mouth fed for some) one after another (not in a motherly way). She intentionally made us messy with cream everywhere on our faces. Yet, we had no say, she was the celebrated one.

Ah, good times, great memories! It all happened at Envie’s rooftop with breezy wind blowing.

We had supper at Jalan Alor. I drove home while the rest headed to Ron’s house for an after-party.
Happy birthday, Jaja Rocks.