Phew~ What a long day. Today deserves a special mention as many rare occasions have taken place.
I am feeling nervous about my big day tomorrow. I have not even drafted my Draft Order for Long Call. That is how efficient I am. I was fully occupied with new lines of cases ranging from intellectual property litigation to legal fee recovery action. Thrown on my desk were piles of files of trademark and patent application in at least quarter of the countries in the world. Distinct in itself, this is where I came across contracts in German, Turkish, Korean, Japanese and other foreign languages. Work is work and nothing beautifies it but for passion.

I unknowingly made a guy friend cried because of how strong I put my points across. I was caught off guard for a matter I had attended few days earlier. He happened to attend the matter without informing any of us in the team. Luckily we were not screwed up by the big daddy. Ridiculous as it may sound, I was summoned before the big daddy as to why do I have a row with my friend. It was pointed out in the mediation (big daddy is the mediator) that I put my points across too strong a person might not be able to handle. I am pretty much aware of that. In few occasions, I made some people cried in the meeting. My character is just too strong sometimes. A trait deemed to be a very important asset to an activist. I tried to reconcile, but all I got throughout the remaining hours at work were jelingan-jelingan manja. I extended my olive branch to him already; it is up to him if he chose not to accept.

I got to know that I have to undergo a test, yes a freaking test, for salsa dance to proceed to the next level. Also, if I were to finish the whole course of 16 months (non-stop), I will be awarded diploma in salsa dance, the thought of which makes me wanna laugh until I pee. Melvin went to Australia for god knows how many weeks, Sherina is in Philippines for a month, and the dance class is almost empty with only Jen Sen as the husband. Might stop taking salsa for a while.

My car’s battery went weak thus I was stranded in my car for 20minutes near Esso Shamelin. I only had RM10 in my pocket, restricted amount of money in my bank account and RM0.50 phone credit. I decided to sell my not pretty face for sympathy. And I gained some from a group of young people nearby the warong. They pushed my car and work miracles out using the jumper and a wira battery.

*ternervous seketika sebab selepas esok dah boleh mula issue semua surat dan tandatangan suratcara-suratcara yang meletakkan burden yang amat berat. My opinions count in critical situations. Bak kata Gopal Sri Ram J dalam satu kes, “you the members of the Bar are the legal brains of the country. Your reasoning, tempered with patience, your understanding, laced with tolerance, must be the hallmark of your very own existence, you cannot be vindictive. You cannot set personal goals. You must act to benefit the Nation”. I hope I can still be moderate, considerate and compassionate as I stride forward.