I knew by all means I had to treat my long call day as a historical day that marked my end of pupillage and my entry into practising world. But I was caught up with tasks to attend on immediate basis. I woke up on the very day with the thoughts of unfinished work at the office. I rushed to the office with minimal touch up on my face and even forgot to put hair moisturizer on. It was not until 12.45, Erma approached me and insisted me to leave office for the court. She even offered to attend to the matter on my behalf. My parents were already in the court by 1p.m. I reached the court at 1.30p.m. and glad I was to have my parents to see my admission into the court as an advocate and solicitor.

My session was at 3.45p.m. We decided to be at the court way early to avoid the usual Friday traffic. Katrina was there to join me. After having lunch at the cafeteria, we went to check out the court where my petition was listed. Found and the court room was fully occupied for 2.45p.m. session. We sat at the waiting area in between of the two wings. I was too tired to be excited. But I was undeniably happy. Katrina dragged me to the ladies to apply make ups. She offered her moisturizer, lipstick, eyeshadow and whatelse huh? My father laughed upon seeing some colours on my face and he made a cynical remark of, “Ingatkan dah cukup dengan natural beauty..” *Ouch*

Ibu and ayah had been waiting for so long and I asked them to get into the court as soon as the court room cleared up because I did not want to see them standing for the duration of one hour.

The 2.45p.m. session ended. And the nervousness began!

Kak Akma’s robe was handed over to me by Afiq once I entered the court room. I walked through the bench where we (petitioners) were supposed to be seated. I cheerfully said to Dani and Didi that whatever the procedures are, I had 8 times to observe how the first eight petitioners did. On that day, I was listed number nine on the list. Suddenly, I was informed that my name will be called first. I seriously came unprepared to be numero uno. I didn’t even know when to bow to the judge. And how many times to bow again? Two? Maybe Three? The pressure was ultimately on me. If I were to do it wrongly, the next nine petitioners might do exactly the same wrong. I was briefed by the court officers and Vignes, the first petitioner on the list were of assistance.

When my name was called, I stood up, I bowed, and I bowed again after the court pronounced the order, I was robed by my master, I bowed and I reversed-walked and sat on the bench. I did well and relieved. I have a bad habit of shaking my legs during every waking minutes. Just imagine how hard I fought that want-to-shake-my-legs in the open court for more than an hour. After all the petitioners were called. There was a photo session with the judge. And everyone rushed to the court to get the draft order signed by the three representatives. Someone took my draft order. Gile nervous nak mampos. I did not want to waste time to chase the three representatives just to get my draft order signed.
And the search began.

As I opened the court door to go out, I heard cheers and my name being called. All I could say was, “Wait my draft order went missing.” I had to find each and every petitioners and finally found the person responsible for taking my draft orders. Now, I turned to my parents and friends. Smiles, cheers, and wishes. All bombarded to me at the same time. Apart from Katrina who had waited for me for almost 6 hours, Sareena, Hafiez, Munirah, Raina, Funky, Jasmin, Rachel, Sarah Tebuan, Emma, CW and Roza were there to celebrate the day with me. Not to forget my ligation colleague who speak the least at the office, Mahir who turned up during the proceeding. Saya sangat terharu dengan anda semua. Terima kasih semua.