On my third day in Phnom Penh, I followed my hostess, Elma to feed Sambo. I have told you that she is a woman flourished with endless love towards humans and animals. She dedicates her every Friday to feed Sambo, 50 years old elephant which survived the Khmer Rouge brutal regime. According to history, Sambo’s foot were supposed to be cut so that the army could eat his legs. He was rescued and remained the only elephant that survived Khmer Rouge. So, I fed Sambo with fruits Elma bought at the market. Sambo was very intelligent he would throw away the fruit which had been damaged. That, ladies and gentlemen, served as my first time experience feeding the giant elephant.

Later, we went to the Central Market where Elma brought me to shop for jewellery. Cambodia is famous for its ruby and sapphire mines in Pailin. You can shop for gemstones at cheap and affordable price here in Cambodia. I bought three bracelets, a pendant and a ruby necklace, all for USD 40.

Elma got back to her spa while I had to finish my touristy trip in Phnom Penh. I had not gone to Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda. I had postcards to send home to dear friends as well. As most of CS friends travel on frequent basis (I wonder have they not a permanent job?), they will always send me postcards from wherever. So, it’s time to pay back.

This is the common view in Wat Phnom, there’s a park where a lot of commoners in Phnom Penh will hang out. They bring their kids.

This picture showed a mother who bathed her son in the park nearby wat phnom, god knows from where she got the water source. The only water source available there was in the form of puddles.