I need air to breath from Cambodia posts. I will divert a little to ramble all my way about Monday, the 17th. It was a tiresome weekend, I brought a box full of documents to study at home. Monday was of course not looked forward.

My Audrey has flown back to France for good, but she has definitely fallen in love with South East Asia that she promised me to come back. I just hope that she will get the job in Singapore. We had our special luncheon at Pepper Lunch, Pavilion. I have zero short term plan to go to France. I don’t have a clue when I will be meeting her again. In 2 years time, we’ll meet in France, we vowed. She said she could picture us together in her car in Paris talking in French! I failed to picture yours truly speaking French like French people. How could I when I even have difficulty to pronounce Monsieurs…

Bisous, Audrey! Definitely will miss you.

Due to work lag over the weekend, I just needed some fun. I wanted to see Russel Crowe in Robin Hood. Movie outing was plan within the span of few hours. Saree, Roza and Sarah, thanks for wanting to come.

Sigh, 4.40a.m. it is now. Got my ticket to Hyderabad in 2011. One way ticket for I have no plan as just yet. Hyderabad-Pune-Mumbai. Probably head up north from Hyderabad – Ganges River, Varansi – Kathmandu. This is just a spontaneous trip of which I followed my guts 100%. Minutes after I completed payment for the ticket, I somehow arrived on an international news feeder that reads, “Atleast 20 killed in India bus bombing”. &^()*^&^@^*)(_)@)! That is a big risk to take. Backpacking in India, diverting off track from the touristy trails. Now, that’s a lot to think about.

Anyhow, I kinda excited to Pulau Kapas hitch hiking end of this month. And I’ll be back in Cherating so soon (even my body zebra crossing is still here!) One thing I realize about traveling more than I always do is that I get tanner,chocolater and darker. And it’s permanent unless and until I decide to migrate to Tibet or Iceland…

How I wish tomorrow is a major public holiday so I can sleep all day long!


Farah who is planning to do Manila in Augusta 2010.