Recently I have been handling a lot of probate and administration matters. It is as though I am specializing in probate and administration. *sigh*

Anyway, Danial is coming with me to Hyderabad. North east route heading towards Nepal is a bit tad dangerous. I can stand riots and demonstrations but not bombs and grenades! My colleagues said I was crazy enough not to buy a home bound ticket in advance. My boss freaked out and asked if I were to ask for 2 months unpaid leave. Dunia is for me to explore. Travel is a life changing adventure. Put it this way, I have been heart-broken so many times in my life, and I am nursing myself by traveling. So, Kuala Lumpur – Hyderabad – Pune – Goa – Mumbai – Kuala Lumpur it is! I will doVanarsi, the old city by the river of Ganges when the world gains peaceful understanding amongst its living creatures. Once you are into it, you can never stop.

Picture of the day: A stall owner’s son at Angkor Wat exit

Ok, I’m tired & Sleepy. Bye.