I have been thinking about the unnecessary lately. There is this question that lingers in my mind every now and then. A thought that I try hard to dispense with even at this moment. I am contemplating on whether or not to delete accessory friends or people who have hurt me so badly in one way or another. I am not only talking about facebook-delete but to throw these people out of my life. To have nothing to do with them. To turn myself away when they need my help. Ah, it sounds like a sin, but yeah, do-able 100%.

It’s easier if these are the people whom I have met once or whom I changed the usual hi hi, bye bye smiles so frequently that I lost count.

What about a close friend who backstabbed you? What about a loved one that treated you like anjing? What about a person who has turned your life upside down?

Do they deserve to be called as friends in the first place?

Since this is my life, at the behest of my sole and endless discretion, all of you, whom I have decided to do without in this life, will be deleted permanently in all possible forms. I’m sorry I have burnt all bridges to compromise and conciliation. This is no joking ok.

It’s time to say goodbye.


;)she who is taking charge of her own life. she is her own master. Farah.

What a cold entry lah, a picture to the merriment of this entry: