Siem Reap (Day 2)

I woke up at 5 a.m. for I did not want to miss the sunrise at Angkor. The tuktuk driver waited for me at 5a.m. sharp and little did I know I was about to start my journey with the coolest tuk tuk in town. As I set forth my story line, you will discover why I said so. I shouldered my heavy, travel-unfriendly tripod. I thought people would not come as early as 5 a.m. My arrival to Angkor main temple proved otherwise. The temple was packed with tourists. It was hard to find a tourist-less spot to get a postcard picture. At the lake facing Angkor main temple building, I was reunited with Thalia and Noa. I was later approached by Paul who hitchhiked to Angkor at 5a.m. We ended up taking each other pictures. Atleast I could bring home pictures of yours truly besides historical buildings.

I was amazed by the majestic beauty of Angkor Wat’s temples. The carvings on the walls were too detailed that my mind could not fathom how they could come out with such artistry in the 14th century. The steps were stiff and of giant sizes. I had to put double forces just to step up. It was good to start early in the morning if you are into photography because some of the temples, given the right natural lightings, will give gold, green or pink reflections of the temples. To be honest, this tip was revealed by a photographer on my last day in Siem Reap. If you look forward to see any gold, green, pink temples, I am sorry to disappoint you.

My journey through Angkor was a real case of the wonder of the world. I told Paul that we were only wondering in and about the temples without explanations from the guides. What I read about Angkor was not enough to cover even one tenth of the vast areas.

Because of the heat and weather, I suffered from bad painful heat rashes. I have been in Malaysia all the years in my life. But what was it in Cambodia that made my skin so fragile?

Apart from the temples, we found a lot of hidden art galleries in Angkor. They are so talented, I wish I have their talents.

After a while, we were templed-out. Another temple is just the same as the previous one. I personally was so tired and the rashes were unbearable. We went back to town and I decided to come back when the weather had cooled down. You get dehydrated and templed out if you continue travelling non-stop. This is one of the tricks told by the photographer. Go back to the hotel at noon and come back at 2.30p.m. On the way back to my guesthouse, the tuktuk driver sent me to buy Apsara Dance ticket for that evening.

I found a Malay makcik’s restaurant in Siem Reap. But the Kuew Teow Goreng sucked big time.

Apsara dance was fun too.

I practised my bargaining power at Angkor Night Market and bought my tuktuk driver a can of beer to show my gratitude to his kindness and efficiency. Beer is as cheap 25 cents.

Saya sgt malas nak menulis dengan panjang


The photos are virgin, as in unedited by Photoshop.