On my second last day in Siem Reap, I ran out of money to engage in costly activities. I ended up renting an old bicycle, which is one of the common means of transportation in Siem Reap to venture around the city. With a list of souvenirs for dear friends and family, I cycled to the Old Market, 1km away from my guesthouse. I did not even remember the last time I rode a bicycle. Oh, I sweated heavily as though there was no end.

Since they knew that I was a foreigner, they put up a high price on fruits when I tried to negotiate down the price. I left the food stall, moving on to a tea shop. Being in a market in a foreign land is obviously a good learning ground of negotiation of price. Equipped with the skill I learned from my mother by following her to the wet market, I heed to her advise that if you want to buy something at RM15. Tell the salesman to mark down to RM10 and comprise to RM15. There in Siem Reap, you do not really have to ask. They themselves offer you discount as in, “I discount for you, m’am. How much do you want?’ At times, I felt bad for getting the essence of value for money at the expense of desperate sales person, what more when they live in a horrid way of living a life.

I bought bags of tea to give as a souvenir to my colleagues. All of them kept it as a souvenir for no one dared to drink it.

After shopping for souvenirs, I continued cycling and bumped into a bookstore. Used books and new books. I took out few books from Maya Angelou for it cost usd3 each. The one in Times Bookstore, Pavilion cost at least USD13.

I had my first experience doing a fish massage. 🙂 An amazing experience la jugak.

That evening, I cycled to a big drain near Old Market to see children fishing and swimming. In a teh ais colored river, the children swam steadily.

My most fav picture of that day: