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I was supposed to conduct my very first trial last Friday at Butterworth Sessions Court. Unfortunately, Puan Hakim bercuti pada masa tersebut. Too bad, I had nothing to do on Friday. As my colleagues were on leave on Thursday, I went on a ride with him on Wednesday’s night. With whatever files and work I managed to grab that evening, I worked from home sweet home on Thursday. It is hard though to work miles away from the office. You cannot monitor your secretaries directly and they tend to misunderstand certain orders.

Since Puan Hakim was on leave and I had in mind, this crazy idea of going to Krabi via Hatyai overland travel from Penang, I asked my father to drop me at Butterworth Bus Station to buy a ticket to Hatyai at 1p.m. A phone call from dear mother called off the sudden trip to Krabi. She asked me to head straight home in serious tone. It was something I cannot afford to say no, especially so when I hardly come back to visit my parents in Kulim.

My four days stay in Kulim revolved around food, photography, wedding feasts and long last friends. Danial was in Alor Setar for a wedding photoshoot. I decided to tag along for I wanted to meet a best friend I had not met in person since long in Alor Setar. She is now a devoted teacher in a school in Langkawi. I had previously arranged for a meeting with her, but we never had the chance to meet.

I will move on to what made my Saturday last week since nothing much to say about Thursday and Friday except for Laksa Mambo food trip in Lunas. My favourite laksa in Kedah. Laksa Kuala Kedah pun tak boleh compete. Laksa is a rice noodle with spicy soup made up by fishes such as mackerel. It is best eaten with shrimp paste. What makes Laksa Mambo stands out from its laksa family, is that it is served with sambal sotong(chilli fried squid).

On Saturday morning, I took the 8.30a.m. bus from Butterworth to Alor Setar. I boarded off at Pekan Rabu, Alor Setar, a place I deemed very nostalgic to my heart. Alor Setar was the place I first had my first whiff of freedom. The kind of freedom you feel when you are no longer under your parents ’surveillance. I learned from the heart what are friendship, sacrifice, and hardship. I also learned to accept and acknowledge the differences amongst my friends. Apart from that, Alor Setar was the small town which had witnessed my teen dating era.

Once I reached Alor Setar, I went to the many stalls in Pekan Rabu to have breakfast while waiting for Danial who was covering an akad nikah ceremony in Jitra at that time. Kueh-mueh yang enak jadi santapan pagi itu. As I finished my breakfast, I walked around Pekan Rabu and the old buildings near her. Street shooting di Alor Setar pun menarik.

Look what I found embossed on the wall of the building in Alor Setar:

Coli Yang Sesuai, Anyone?

Some of the pictures of the wedding ceremony, Maslinda & Faizal @ Restoran Buah Naga, Jitra:

Two Brides, Two Weddings in One Day

Beautiful Brides!

Aint Love the Language of Red Roses?

Mas Loves Faizal and Vice Versa

Gambar Kontroversi Melodi Habis

Sunday. I went to my friend’s wedding in Tikam Batu hoping that I would meet my school friends. I went there alone as my phone went dead once again. Rest in peace, dear phone. I am going to miss you. I was about to leave the wedding ceremony when I saw a face I expected the least to attend a wedding in Tikam Batu, Kedah. Mardiha and her twins! They are back on holidays from Melbourne. The twins’ faces went red because of the scorching sun.

As Diha and her family members ate the nasik minyak, I held one of the twins, Dania. It was hard for me to distinguish who is who for they look the same. They were so adorable little kids. How I wish I had one pair like that. I admire their Timberland shoes jugak. Comel.

We ain’t that close in school back then. Ye, dia budak cantik, saya budak comot. Dia budak pandai, saya budak malas. Dia budak netball, saya budak hoki. Dia budak pengakap, saya budak KRS. Dia kelas Pandai, Saya kelas Kekwat. Dia student contoh, saya student kuang ajaq. After all, we had nothing in common.

On the very day, she popped up the question. “Bila nak mai Melbourne?” she said. I knew my face changed and I wore a wide smile. I was clueless and apparently no words came out. She then rephrase, “Dia convo bila?” My reply was simple, “Dia? Dah takde dah dia. Nak buat macam mana tak da jodoh. Dia jumpa cina mana tah kat sana.” As though my answer was sufficient, I received no further question. As to her first question, I will somehow visit Melbourne one fine day. Melbourne has left such a big impact in my life. Melbourne taught me about love, betrayal and inhumanity. Melbourne, an extravagant metropolis I had once considered living in.

The girls:

Si Kecil, Damia

Dania, Si Manja

The celebrated bride and groom:

Group Photo Kejab.

On the way back to Kulim, Ayah brought us to eat Durians nearby Junjung. Junjung has the best durians after Balik Pulau, Penang. Memang la asyik sendawa je dalam kereta on the way balik Kuala Lumpur.

Durian Junjung