I went to Sg. Buloh Prison for the first time today. Little did I know that it is a remand prison as compared to convicted prison! The prisoners are fed with steamed rice. Life seems good there for remand prisoners.

I took up a pro bono case today. The files will be on my desk by this week. A major step jugak for my career path. I believe in doing well to others. Tak kisah lah dapat bayaran ke tak but I have made it a point to my boss that once a year I will take up a pro bono criminal case. Tricky part is that as I am in my first year of practice, I am avoiding capital punishment cases. Erk ada conversion cases for adoption jugak dalam list. Sumpah tak berani ambik. Belum layak.

Terlalu banyak highlight kehidupan hari ini. I hitched a ride with a senior lawyer back to town as I left my car at its designated parking in Pavilion. I felt glad that most of the senior lawyers I have met thus far shared their knowledge and wisdom on becoming top-notch lawyer. Even when I did not ask for it, they spilled me with ideas and strategies of how to climb the ladder of success. They said, “Establish yourself”, “Clientele is important”, “Go out and mingle”, “Find your key area” and “Be motivated”. They unleashed their top secrets one after another.

I was advised that in the course of taking criminal case, avoid at all course defending habitual offenders on pro bono basis.
They don’t deserve it. Senang cerita jangan bagi peluang habitual offenders.

Ye, bukan sahaja free career advice malahan free travel advice juga diberikan. He’s going back to India to visit some relatives and I told him my excitement of going to India. Terus dia berceloteh tanpa henti pasal India. Goa, Bombay, Hyderabad, Delhi and Cennai;every nook and corner of india. His stories about the best beriyani in the world that can be found in Hyberabad made me hungry.

He concluded his stories by telling me how thankful he is to his forefathers who came to Malaysia. If he were still in India, he would not have been a lawyer.

Tidur dulu. Esok termotivasi nak pergi kerja pukul 7. Sekian bye.