I browsed through the net and for the first time in my life, I learned how to delete a friend in facebook. I did delete some friends and former lover who have been viruses in my life. And I learned that LJ did check on me; on how I was doing after she did what she does best. I am not sure if she was just being concerned or she expected me to hang myself in my own bedroom.

To whom it may concern,

Yes, you took the risk.

Yes, if karma takes place, padan muka la.

None of that is my business.

If you both really want to know how I am doing, life is pretty good at my end. No expensive phone bills, no stupid arguments, no lousy excuses and most importantly, I have my freedom. I am enjoying life at its best. Things happened and I had chewed the bitterness of life in the way I least expected. I might not know what was beyond my knowledge but

I am not prepared to forgive him and I don’t think I will do as such, atleast in the near future. Biar pun sedang nazak nak mati, I won’t. that for terribly hurting my heart. That for cursing the most bad words to me when I didn’t even curse you back.

I pray hard to God that none of us will meet again.