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Rainbow in Oregon, by Nauman

I saw Nauman last night. He flew here from Koh Samui. I was taken aback when he said he did not really go back to Washington to live his corporate life once again. I last saw him in KL somewhere in July last year when he was in a three months’ vacation; at first he planned for a three weeks’ vacation. Travelling is addictive as you can predict. Once you are into it, you can never stop. From 3 weeks to 3 months to a year and he said he could live like this for another year.

As we caught up on one year life experience, he enthusiastically told me how he was involved in a three weeks fling with a Ukranian woman in Nepal when the country was shut down because of the strikes, fell in love with Bali, was rejected to enter India because of his Pakistani passport, was never been struck by a cold temperature as it was at Mount Everest Base Camp and found his bottle of mineral water turned into a rock the next morning and was invited by a woman Shanghainese to her tiny apartment and played strip rock, paper and scissor.

The best part is that he is now based in Koh Samui. He owns a villa and ooh lalalala. A nice one, I have seen the pictures last night. Complete with a private beach and a swimming pool overseeing the beach. I will most probably be there in one of the days when The Full Moon Party takes place in Phangan. Things I want to experience once in a lifetime.

To be honest, I enjoy talking to this new breed of generations that are on the go to know what the world has to offer and in pursuit of the meaning of life differently. You may call the life you lead now ie. Waking up every morning to going to the office and whatever in between, a life. But there’s a different life out there for you to unravel. And not many have chosen this way of living a life. Yes, I plan to live a hippie life too when the time comes. Quit job and take the next plane to wherever.

And you, my friends, don’t limit yourself to only working and nothing else but working. Start exploring the world.