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Just lately, I found myself utilizing my weekend to its fullest. Though I spent half of the day sleeping to make up for the lack of sleep during the weekdays, my weekends were no longer boring anecdotes.
Saturday (12-06-2010)

I woke up, cooked my lunch and spent few hours planning for my India trip. Later, I went out with Danial for I had to give him pictures I have taken during Mas’s wedding; he was the main photographer. He’s leaving to perform his umrah in few days. Over tea and toast bread, we talked about photography.

Danial then wanted to go to Ampang Lookout Point, Kuala Lumpur. The lookout point on top of the hill promises a magnificient view of Kuala Lumpur. We fetched Nauman near Changkat Bukit Bintang and left for Ampang Lookout Point. We managed to secure a table at the edge of Gasoline Restaurant. I had the best Mocha lychee which the three of us agreed to be a very good one and a Marmite Snow Fish.

My D70s absorbed too much flare even with the cap on, as a result of which my night scenery pictures were disasters. Danial’s picture turned out to be a good one. After we were done with taking our pictures with the background of KL night view, we left for our respective homes. Though my heart craved for salsa, I was adamant to work on the pleadings which I need to submit tomorrow.

Sunday (13-06-2010)

Despite the fact that I used to be a mountaineer, I had never hiked Broga Hill. I was supposed to tag along with Caid weeks before but I had to bail out last minute due to misunderstanding. I thought the trip was cancelled since Caid only replied my message at 2a.m. when we were set to leave at 5a.m. I was out till 4a.m. and flatted out like hell by 4.30a.m.

This time around I had to find someone to show me the way to Broga because Apek Pinky cancelled the trip to Broga. I was on a constant communication with Boy, my muallaf friend whose value of friendship captured my admiration. Sareena joined us for she surprisingly accepted my invitation to Broga. Now, the plan was to see the sunrise at Broga. But, I left home at 6p.m. and we started trekking at 8a.m. Saree nearly fainted half way up, she said. My stamina had tremendously fallen below par as I had left hiking nearly two years.

Had banana leaf lunch with Boy and Saree at Nirwana Restaurant Bangsar , sent them home, took a nap, went out with Mira who wanted to go to National Geography Shop in Lot10. Shopping for white blouse. Went for Lebanese Food at Al-Rawsha Restaurant, Jalan Damai. We did not even talk about our upcoming travel to Mount Bromo instead we talked about her recent Euro tour and her travelmates from hell.

I closed down the curtain of this weekend with the hope that the weekdays will fly by as fast as possible.