I was supposed to read up on scheme of arrangement, whatever that is. Somehow Hachiko: A Dog’s Story had been successfully downloaded via torrent system. Couldn’t resist to watch it, how could I? I have cried bowls of tears watching it. Even sadder than Marley and Me movie. Hachiko is based on a true story that took place in Japan 90 years ago. It tells a story about loyalty, faithfulness and undying love.

Hachiko was a dog found by a professor at a train station. It had been living with the founder for quite sometimes. It sent its master back and forth to the train station. Sharp at 5p.m., it would wait for its master at the entrance of the train station. The master died. Soon a story about a faithful dog waiting endlessly for its deceased master at the train station unfolded. In the movie, it was shown as 10 years wait while in the true story, it was 9 years wait. A statue of Hachiko was built at Shibuya Train Station.

Tahap kesedihan sangat dewa. If I were to own a pet one day, Hachiko it is! Sapa tengok cite ni takde perasan, mmg takde perasaan…