World Cup 2010… Although I can hardly talk about nothing but football over a teh tarik, I barely miss the heat and the spirit of the World Cup. But this year, I gave it a pass for almost all second games for most groups. I do not have a television at home because most of my working life has seen me spending time massively outside home. No necessity to even own a television when you do not spend much time at home.

But I have been collecting The Star World Cup Special Edition distributed in a limited amount in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor. If I don’t get it by 10a.m. at Pavilion, I will walk to Pavilion yet again just to get a free copy of the special edition at one news shop. And all these special edition world cup series will go to the safe hand of my father who keeps a scrap book for every world cup.

And yes, my favourite team is B-R-A-Z-I-L.

Watching 22 hot and manly men running for one ball is even more fun when you have good company. I did have good company which came in the form of Jaja, Adida, Agnes, Jana, Ron & Fadil today. We secured a place right in front of the big screen at Nasi Lemak Famous, Bangsar Baru. And the first two games were not as bored as the one I watched before. Goals celebration for Portugal while cards celebration for Chile and Switzerland.

If Brazil were to win World Cup 2010, I will definitely be in Brazil for World Cup 2014, come what may. Football and dancing sound great!

Com muito orgulho,
Com muito amor!