One of the two states in West Malaysia that I hardly visit is Johor. When I was invited by Jaja to follow her to her kampong in Kluang, I did not give it a second thought. So last weekend, I had a day and a half affair in Kluang town.
Honestly, I had never been to Kluang. I felt welcome by Jaja’s Javanese relatives in Kluang. They served traditional Javanese cuisine in lieu for a celebration of Jaja’s cousin’s admission into tertiary institution. Now, don’t let me tempt you about the food which was undoubtedly delicious.

We woke up early in the morning to have breakfast in the original Kluang Rail Station Coffee. I had few photography session before we left for the stall. This is what you do when you rise every morning to see blocks of buildings. You can’t miss the freshness of the greeneries in the morning. One we reached there, we had to wait for few minutes to get a table. Bit pricey though but who cares because an UNMO auntie who sat near our table treated us that morning. While I was there, Kembara Mahkota Johor’s train expedition was and still is the talk of the town.

Kluang was a laid back town. No one seems to be in hurry. Everyone knows everyone. Such a happy community. Later that evening we explored Jaja’s uncle Goat Sanctuary.

An experience of its own lah.

To Jaja and her family, thank you, thank you…