Life improvement. How’s that? What do you do in life to mark a step forward in your life? Getting married? Buying property? Buying asset? Getting the most reliable insurance scheme? Have a baby? I don’t know, it’s your pick.
As an underpaid young lawyer embarking on a not-so-cherishing lawyering life in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, I need to get going and strive to make a living proof of what I am capable of. Many things are considered new to my adult life. Having to pay for my monthly car instalments, now, we are talking about a big hole in the pocket.

I have applied for a credit card under my own name this month. My application process is still on-going and once I get my plastic card and start to wave it in lieu of cash payment, I have to come to term that this plastic card comes with a demand for self-discipline and responsibility. Trust me, to have a season parking in Pavilion and to work few minutes away from all the big brand boutiques, it’s a call for beyond average self-restraint and responsibility.

My mom, with all the loves from Kulim, set me up for an appointment with an insurance agent, whose name card bore a title, “million dollar agent”. Coming prepared with all the brochures and explanation and what nots, I took one of the schemes and paid straight away. Before it was a done deal, I had to answer few sets of questions about health and anything that goes to the value of myself.

One of the questions that I thought twice, thrice and many times more, and even when I had answered, “No.” was where the applicant wishes to undertake high-risk activity in the future. She named few high-risk activities such as diving and ski-diving.

What I did not disclose to her was that I am all set for a discovery diving next month. A paragliding in Thailand is what I am planning to do. Did not I say that I will try the followings once in a lifetime: Bungee Jumping, Surfing, Hang Gliding, Canyon Swing, and to name a few. I go out to see strangers every week of my life. I find it possible and fun to travel alone. And I am born as risk taker, take it or leave it.

I do not mean a punt here but is not being in love a high risk activity as well? To me, it is. High risk alert to your heart and money. To even cross the road in Bukit Bintang is a life risk taken. What more to drive in the city of Kuala Lumpur.
And for that matter, you can never say a solid NO for that question. I am somewhere in between yes and no and no choice I had left but to answer no.

Life, with or without improvements;
Enjoy Thine,
Enjoy Mine,
Enjoy Ours.