Despite being super tired from wedding and meeting both old friends and stranger, I am encouraged to write due to the freshness of mind and the happy mind.

Awe got married today in Sungkai. A bunch of Sainarians who were KL-based were gathered under the shield of friendship to attend the wedding. Plans were made in advanced but the communication did not get through among the planners.

However, all of us, in the capacity of one van and two cars were destined to meet at Restoran Jejantas Sg. Buloh. While the celebrated bride and groom were Dr.Hawaniza and Lft. Azlan, the rombongan kenduri consisted of Pali, Mat Udin, Aqs, DeQna, AJ, Kdee, Jack, Yong(all in one van) and Taufik, Hazman, Eddie, Fathiah and Esah (Car1) and Caid and yours truly(Car2).

Upon arrival, the celebrated bride and groom were dining. My friends were all jokers. They cracked jokes and I’d die laughing.

Next destination is just few kilometres away: R&R Ulu Bernam. We lepak-ed, we took photographs like there’s no tomorrow.

Apparently, according to Fat, I topped the list of attendees-of-all-of-our-friends’-wedding. Like I said to Caid in the car, I cherish all my friendships with a condition that the friendships work reciprocally. I cannot be the only one who’s making the effort at all time. If I ever remember you in my lifetime, you my dear friend mean something to my heart. Unless or until you end the friendship either by word of mouth or by implication of an act, you will forever be my friends. And if you invite me to your big days notwithstanding of how cynical I am to the idea of marriage, I will try my level best to attend. Sungguhpun kehidupan sehari-hari adalah busy, if I do not make it a point to spend some time with friends, I will never have time for friends and I will never have friends in the end of the day.

Congratulations kepada Dr. Hawaniza & Left. Azlan.

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