I have to admit it is advantageous to know people who know a lot of people. I have been invited to parties and social events almost every day. And yes I turn them down for I would be better off sleeping and pampering myself at home. If I were in the mood to go and meet people, I will surely make myself available. I was out last night until 3 a.m. in the morning, having dinner, dancing and lepaking at a mamak stall thereafter. It has been long since I last went to Changkat Bukit Bintang with some friends.

And yes, I met an interesting guy last night. In fact, now my first native-Bolivian friend. Speaking of which, what a beautiful country it is. One of the many countries least visited by many. Now imagine, Lake Titicaca, Copacabana, La Paz! I love South America. I will go there one fine day, maybe months before World Cup 2014 kicks out in Brazil, ya?

I joined Faz and Eugene in Zouk just two hours ago to enjoy Time Out KL Comedy Show. I tell you, it was super-duper fun and you would laugh and pee at the same time. A show I will definitely look forward to in the next future.
Anyways, I am booked for theatre “Uda & Dara” next week and have you bought your ticket for Tun Mahathir Theatre? Got mine already.

In this global world, it is possible to connect with friends from the other side of the world. And how sweet it is to receive a message from Audrey who is now in Paris, that said: hello la belle, juste un mot pour dire que je ne t’oublie pas! Bisous. Translated to Hello, just to let you know I have not forgotten you! And all the way from Zurich, Switzerland, a doctor whom I had hosted while she was in Malaysia thought of me, of how I am managing life and of my travel plan. She constantly insists me to visit her in Zurich and promises that she will let me stay at her place for free.

I have met so many people these few years. Some friends stay when I least expect it. Some I merely know for a good few days and end up being good friends. It rings true that you may have 1000 friends and spent hundreds of hours together, but the friends that stay till the last bit of your life are the friends with whom you spend quality time, even though the time spent is short. Terharu jugak lah sebab kawan-kawan yang di KL, Putrajaya, Shah Alam, Alor Setar pun tak bother nak tanya how I am doing.

Just to complete the randomism of this post, I am suffering from a bad cough together with a chest pain. Sumpah sakit.

Goodnight muah2.Lebiu.