I’m back blogging from my new place. =D

Gone were the miseries of packing, loading and unpacking. Moving to a new place is the only time that you will realize how many scrupulous rubbish was stored in your tiny little room. The bulk of my boxes contain books and my notes from law school.

I decided to throw many legal notes I had made myself during the times in law school. I have always had this ambition to one day read back my notes and make references to them. The truth is that never once I looked back to my notes after leaving law schools. I find comfort in law text book and case law.
I threw almost all notes except refugee law notes and women law notes I gained during my philanthropic days.


One incident that took place in Jusco counter, Midvalley deserves a mention here. While I was queuing behind a Chinese man who was standing behind a Malay man with three kids, I could not help but to notice an abnormal behaviour of a boy aged between 5 and 7. His father was paying the bill and his younger sister was leaning with both elbows resting on the counter. You know what this young boy did? He was banging and crotch rubbing his younger sister from behind.

A scene you would have expected from two adults in night clubs, not from children of such age. What more when they are siblings! I hope the boy grows up being a fine gentleman.